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Danica Patrick

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Does anybody realize how much money that the drivers in NASCAR can make each year?  Yes, it is common knowledge that Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Carl EdwardsDale Earnhardt, Jr. makes a ton of money each and every year, that is for sure.  These racers always end the year near the top in points, and therefore, one would expect that they would have some “serious bank”!

But how about some of the drivers who are not really race winners? How do they stand in the view of their personal bankers?  How much money can they generate through their yearly racing career?

Let’s look at the driver who is currently sitting in 28th place in the Sprint Cup standings.  This driver is not very successful, so far.  In the first two years running full-time in the Sprint Cup level, this driver has won just one (1) poll position and just four (4) total top ten finishes in 46 races!  Those stats would make you believe that this driver could not be racking up big money as a race car driver, right!


The driver in question is none other than “the GoDaddy.com’ girl”, Danica Patrick.  Danica’s 2014 total compensation is $15 million dollars!

The breakdown of the $15 million dollars is $7 million dollars from salary and winnings.  That is not too bad for a driver that primarily finishes mid pack, in the 20’s- 30’s on a weekly basis.  Patrick really has not been a threat to win any races, both in her two season in Nationwide, and her year and a half in the Sprint Cup level.

The remaining $8 million dollars comes from her endorsements! She has more than ten (10) personal endorsement partners working with her, including GoDaddy, Coca Cola, Tissot, and Peak, just to name a few.

That sum of $15 million dollars annual compensation puts Danica as the fifth (5th) highest paid female athlete for the year of 2014!  $15 million dollars isn’t too shabby of a compensation package for a “journeyman” driver!

Now you know why race car drivers are clamoring to get to NASCAR!  NASCAR, not IndyCar racing is where the BIG money lies for the drivers.  Unless you win the Indy 500, your chances of becoming a millionaire in IndyCar are extremely slim.  However, even the drivers that finish mid-pack, and are really no threat to win races week in and week out, still generates enough income to climb into the coveted multi-millionaire socio-economic bracket!

Now you know the rest of the story!


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