USAC/CRA Sprint Cars Come To Yuma


(WOMR file photo)

President Bill Clinton was impeached, Mark McGwire hit 70 home runs eclipsing the record of Roger Maris (61 home runs in 1961), the USA was bombing Iraq, and the American senator and hero, John Glen, went back into orbit after a 36 years hiatus at age 77.  The year was 1998.

That was the same year, 1998, that the Amsoil USAC/CRA Sprint Car Series made an appearance at the Cocopah Speedway, formally named Yuma Speedway.  However, the wait is now officially over!  This Saturday night the Amsoil USAC/CRA  dirt slinging, fire-breathing, sprint cars make their way back into Yuma for a great night of dirt track racing!

This series features a 1,325 pound non-winged sprint car housing a 410 cubic inch engine with approximately 870 horsepower of methanol burning “getty-up”!  If the track is in as good of shape as it has been for the last 10 races, the cars should be able to see a top speed of about 100-120 mph going into turns #1 and #3!

This is the third time that the sprint cars have made their way into Cocopah Speedway this season.  The first visit, back in March, was the ASCS winged 360 sprint cars.  The second sprint car visit was the ASCS non-winged 360’s on May 5th.  Both of those shows exhibited outstanding racing for the locals.

However, this Saturday night on tap is the big 410’s!  The sprint cars will hit the track at 7pm for qualifying, followed by heat races and the main event.  As an under card for the sprinters will be the regular Saturday night racers from the Factory Stock Division competing for their season championship points.

So you all can rest assured that I will definitely be in attendance!

And we most assuredly all know that:


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