Trump Dumped!


(A.J Foyt and the late Tom Carnegie, voice of the Indy 500, photo courtesy Indy Star)

Just when the country was gearing up for “The Donald” Trump’s political media blitz, things seemed to be cooling off from “The Donald”!  In fact, the king of hype has suddenly gone silent!

The latest twist of events came just a couple of days ago when “The Donald” suddenly opted out as the driver of the pace car at the 2011 Centennial Indy 500!  After gobbling up all the glory, taking full responsibility and credit, for President Obama producing his Hawaiian birth certificate, then later getting completely ridiculed at the Washington DC Journalists banquet, “The Donald” is silent and in seclusion!

Not missing a beat, the Indy 500 directors have selected another polarizing, but nevertheless iconic figure, the four-time Indy 500 race winner, A.J. Foyt, to drive the pace car.  It is WOMR’s opinion that the choice of A.J. is a much better, and much more relevant, choice for driving the pace car at this years Indy 500 than having “The Donald” driving the pace car.

What is your take on this?

See ya at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Sunday May 29th!


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