Daytona Overnight Rule Changes


(photo courtesy Leon Hammack)

Friday the speeds at the Bud Shootout practice skyrocketed, a two car train topped 203 mph!

Saturday morning NASCAR instituted a couple of rule changes to try to reduce those lightening fast two car draft speeds that were recorded on Friday. Because of the new racing surface, those speeds reached in excess of 203 mph!

The NASCAR officials decided not to reduce further the size of the restrictor plates that are placed between the carburetor and the intake manifold.  That restriction reduces the amount air that is allowed into the plenum chamber and into the cylinders to mix with the fuel.  The reduction in air mixing with the fuel in essence reduces the amount of horsepower that is generated by the combustion in the cylinders.

However, what the NASCAR officials decreed was that the two air intakes in the front bumper area of the cars must now be taped up and made usable.  Those two intakes were specifically hooked up to coll the oil cooler and the water.  With those two intakes rendered unusable, the engines run hotter in a long, multi-lap two car break-away.

What is your view on the way that NASCAR has addressed the increased speed this year at Daytona?


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