Tony Stewart Shows His Ass In Australia!


(photo courtesy Leon Hammack)

Tony does it again!

Tony Stewart has allegedly been involved in a off-track incident at Sydney Speedway which has seen him interviewed by Parramatta police this morning, Jan 15th . Stewart was allegedly involved in a physical altercation with speedway co-owner and former driver Brett Morris after early-evening time trials.

It is believed that Stewart, who is racing for a team owned by Morris’ business partner and Australian speedway legend Garry Rush, had issues about track conditions after a Hot Lap session and made them known to Morris. A helmet and punches were rumored to be thrown and exchanged during the alleged altercation. Stewart has been competing for the second consecutive year in Australia during his NASCAR “off season”.

Staff at Parramatta Police Station confirmed to this morning, Jan 15th at 12:49am (AEDST) that Stewart was being held for questioning, but indicated that nothing could be confirmed about the incident until later today including whether Stewart had been officially charged or whether similar charges were being pursued by Stewart against Morris.

The final outcome of this situation could result in many possible ramifications, including Stewart’s scheduled departure from the country later today, legal requirements back in Australia if it is found he has questions to answer, and the overall effect this will have on Australia-US speedway relationships.(SpeedCafe)

And the public thought that Tony Stewart had calmed down, now that he is part owner in the Stewart-Haas Racing NASCAR team.  There is an old saying, “A Zebra can’t change his stripes”! And once again Tony Stewart has shown his infantile childish behavioral personality, unfortunately he is doing in a foreign country!

Way to go Tony!

You are doing a great job fortifying the “Ugly American” persona that the rest of the world has of the USA!

What is your view on Tony’s Australian outbreak?


One Comment on “Tony Stewart Shows His Ass In Australia!”

  1. Way to go Toni,…you showed it a gain. Too bad you didn’t REALLY get your A_ _ kicked this time. Bet your black eye and cut chin hurt for a while as you began to think how stupid you are…better yet, wish your opponent also had a helmet to throw at you, to match the one you threw at him …..hope they ban you from Australia permanently !!!

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