Ol Kylie Tells The NASCAR Official “You’re #1”!


(photo courtesy Leon Hammack)

In the era of digital TV, computers, high definition TV, and NASCAR in-car cameras, ol Kylie committed one for the ages at the Texas Motor Speedway Sunday afternoon!

After having the winning truck for Friday night’s Camping World Truck Series, and after having a very strong car for the Nationwide Series race on Saturday.  Likewise, ol Kylie even had a very good car Sunday as well.  Nevertheless, ol Kylie exercises what could possibly be categorized as a major lapse in judgment.  Poor ol Kylie suffered from a little temper flare up, a meltdown, a temper tantrum, a small lapse in judgment, during the AAA Texas 500 Sunday.

After being issued a speeding violation on pit road late in the race, Busch was ordered back into his pit stall to serve out that speeding violation, a one lap penalty.  Once he was solidly parked in his pit stall a NASCAR official was stationed in front of the car to prevent TLVW (The Las Vegas Weasel) from exiting his pit stall early.  That is when ol Kylie had his “Sunday afternoon meltdown Las Vegas style”!

While Busch was sitting in his race car serving out the one lap penalty, and while the NASCAR official was staring into Busch’s cockpit, that is when ol Kylie let er rip!  That is when TLVW let the NASCAR official know that he was #1 in ol Kylie’s book.  Yep, that is when ol Kylie had a digital flare up!  Yep that is when ol Kylie flipped off the NASCAR official!  You might say that is when ol Kylie’s middle finger got an unexplainable erection, it got a stiffie, it pointed straight up to the sky!

And that is when NASCAR gave Busch an additional 2 lap penalty for his bad conduct and erect middle finger!

Additionally, that is when the JGR #18 M&M’s Toyota was eliminated from having a chance for a good finish in the AAA Texas 500 at the Texas Motor Speedway!

What is you view on ol Kylie flipping “the finger” at the NASCAR official?


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