Phoenix Increases Distance Of Race

(photo courtesy Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

When there has been some talk on NASCAR’s part to shorten some of the races, the exact opposite has occurred at Phoenix this weekend.  The Subway Fresh Fit 500 has been increased 100 kilometers to The Subway Fresh Fit 600.  Phoenix likes to measure their races in kilometers!  It makes is sound like a longer race, when 600 kilometers is really only 375 laps/miles.  That is an increase of 64 laps for the race.

That means that the race will take about 30 -45 minutes longer to run than the previous races.  Since NASCAR standardized all the race times, that new policy moved the Phoenix race time one hour earlier than in previous years.  In keeping with the notion that this is the first night race of the season, the Phoenix promoters asked NASCAR for permission to lengthen the race to 600 kilometers so that it would, in fact, end under the lights.

Will the adjusted start time and/or the increased distance make a significant difference?  That all depends on who you talk to in the garage area.  The opinions  are equally divided among crew chiefs and drivers alike.

The one thing that is for sure, the racing will be fast, furious, and aggressive.  Guaranteed there are going to be some hurt feelings, tempers lost, blown fuses, and a some of “HELMET FIRES” with a driver or two!


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