David Ragan: How About Two Night Races At Bristol?

David Ragan

Ragan on Bristol

“The atmosphere is a lot different between the day race and the night race at Bristol. It would be fun to have two-night races, but you never know what kind of weather you’re going to have in April. But the racing is always very similar between the two races. The bottom groove gets some rubber in it, the top groove comes in during the race. I’ve really liked the track over the last few years. The top groove is a unique, fast place to race. But the guys who have good-handling cars can still make moves and pass on the bottom. That’s what you want as a driver and as a race fan. You want drivers to have options. You want to be able to pass. And I think you have that at Bristol.

“I’ve been a little back and forth on the grip strip at the bottom. I think the intent on paper makes a little bit of sense. But it’s very sensitive to temperature, to sunlight, to the amount of track rubber. So, it’s changing a lot and difficult to keep up with. And I don’t think it makes the racing any better, so I wish that they would leave the track alone and let things occur naturally throughout the weekend as rubber is laid down. Until they get that scienced out a little bit, I think the potential is there, but I’m not a big fan of it today.”

Ragan Bristol Stats
22 starts, 1 top-10, 3 top-15s, 6 top-20s
Best finish: 10th


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