Bristol Is One Of The Tracks McDowell Circled

Michael McDowell

McDowell on Bristol

“I think Bristol and Indy are the two most physical races. Bristol just because of the high loads and no rest, Indy because it’s a billion degrees outside. Bristol is another track that we circle. Front Row’s had some great runs there, David Ragan’s very good there. Roush cars, in general, have been good. So, with our technical alliance with Roush Fenway, we look forward to Bristol knowing they had top-10 cars both races there last time, so we can piggyback off that with our Love’s Travel Stops Ford. We look forward to the short tracks, no doubt.

“I’m hoping we get an opportunity to not lay the grip strip down Sunday morning. Some drivers love it, some hate it. But it’s made for good racing. The options are nice. But I also feel like those tracks that are really challenging, that are one groove and you’ve got to be precise, they make for good racing in their own ways. So, the old Bristol when we were side by side, nobody liked it. Then we all got single file and nobody liked it. Now we’re side by side and you can’t pass, and nobody likes it. So, I don’t know what to do. You can’t please everybody, but the racing regardless has been there every time.”

McDowell Bristol Stats
15 starts, 3 top-20s
Best finish: 18th


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