Kahne Not Happy With Ol Kylie After Pocono!

Kasey Kahne

(WOMR file photo)

Kasey Kahne wasn’t very happy with Kyle Busch after their accident with 17 laps remaining Sunday in the Pocono 400!

The accident occurred on the lap following a restart, and Kahne was on the outside of Busch, who appeared to try to cut in front of Kahne coming out of turn #1. Contact between the two sent Kahne extremely hard into the outside wall twice.  The first impact was at the point of contact between KyBu and Kahne, exiting turn #1.  Kahne continued all the way down the Long Pond Straight, then impacting the wall again at the apex of “the tunnel turn”, which is turn #2, ending his day.

“I had just passed Kyle, and I caught (Ryan) Newman ,(and) I was passing him off Turn 3,” Kahne said on the race radio broadcast. “We were side-by-side so Kyle was able to get a good draft down the front straightaway. We got to Turn 1, and I was on the outside, and then he knew if he didn’t clear me there that I would pass him back, because I just had. So he just floored it and didn’t care there was someone out there and ran me right in the wall.”(sporting news)

From the reruns of the accident on TNT, during the race, it appeared that Kahne really tried to knock down the fence on both impacts!  Even though the second impact was at a slower speed,at the end of the Long Pond straight at Pocono, still about 130mph, the right side of the car had already done it’s job, somewhat lessening the blow of the first impact by absorbing  the energy and crushing.  However, the brunt of the second impact was unable to be absorbed within the the sheet metal of the car because of the first impact, and therefore delivering the full affects to the car and to Kahne!

Hmmmmm, when is the next short track race?  Or better yet, will there be some retribution delivered next week at Sonoma?  I’m just sayin’….



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