Unborn Baby’s Health Issues Dictates That David Prickett Sell His Race Team

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This from a press release from by David Prickett to National Speed Sport Magazine:

Neverlift Motorsports and David Prickett Racing have announced, that due to impending medical costs, the team will be closing its doors following the 2013 Turkey Night Grand Prix.

Team owner David Prickett, and his wife, are expecting their first child on Jan. 2, and last Thursday the soon-to-be parents were notified that the child has a serious heart defect that will require open heart surgery after birth.

“I have had a blast building this team the last nine years,” said Prickett. “The relationships that have been built are like no other in this world. Now is a time when I have to do what’s best for my family.”

Following Turkey Night, the team inventory will be put up for sale. Terry Nichols, who has been Prickett’s teammate in 2013, will drive the No. 15 Spike/AMS Chevy, normally driven by owner Prickett, who will be at his home in Fresno, Calif.

“I wish I could finish off the season, but with the circumstances, we need to be here (Fresno), where if the baby comes early, the doctors and surgeons are prepared for us,” Prickett said.

Neverlift Motorsports was founded in 2004 and has had much success racing midgets in California. Prickett has picked up championships as a driver in 2009 with the Bay Cities Racing Ass’n and in 2012 with the USAC Western Dirt Midget Series.

Prickett may be selling his race team, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be giving up racing. He plans to race a mini sprint on BCRA Midget Lites tour as well the California Lightning Sprints, though he has not committed to any schedule at this point.

“I am thankful that I will get the opportunity to continue driving. Until my baby is home safe though, I cannot commit to any schedule,” Prickett said.

From a more Personal note:

I have known David Prickett for about two years, some of my family have known David much longer.  He has been a member of my NASCAR fantasy league, better know as The Redneck Fantasy League, (www.theredneckfantasyleague.com).  Nevertheless, I have gotten to know David and his wife, Brittney, very well during this time period.

Both David and Britt are the type of people that would do anything for their friends.  Earlier this year David stepped up to the plate and was a major sponsor for the little league team that my son, Jeremy, was coaching.  Additionally, David stepped up to the plate for Jeremy, once again.  He struck a deal with Jeremy to clean up his three midgets after each race, in exchange for that, David put the name of my son’s fledgling business on his race cars.  That is a fine example of a friend helping a friend!

This is not the first bad news that has befallen David and Brittney.  Back in the very first part of this year their very first attempt at starting a family ended in a miscarriage.  Now, ten months later, this couple is dealing with another dose of bad news regarding their unborn daughter, Davey Jean Prickett.

It is my understanding that there is going to be a fund setup for Davey Jean Prickett’s medical bills, which, will no doubt, be very large.  When I have knowledge of how we may all contribute I will publish it.  It is my hope that all of us, who enjoy great sprint car and midget dirt track racing, will  see it in our hearts to help out this fine young couple meet their impending medical bills buy donating to this soon-to-be-established fund!

If you have thoughts of donating to charity, think seriously about helping out this family with your generosity!  For now, you could contact David Prickett via Facebook at,https://www.facebook.com/david.prickett.15, and/or at his business, Western Performance Parts, www.facebook.com/westernpp.

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