Is The Bridge Nuked At RCR Now?

Kevin Harvick

(WOMR file photo)

Did anybody hear or feel the nuclear bomb blast that exploded at Martinsville Speedway during the Camping World Truck race Saturday afternoon?

After a restart with approximately 20 laps to go, Darrell Wallace, Jr. jumped back into the lead.  Meanwhile, the two trucks behind the leader, Kevin Harvick in Joe Denette owned #14 Silverado was in second place, and Ty Dillon driving for his grandfather’s RCR #3 Bass Pro Silverado was in third.  These two trucks roll into turn #1 in very close prximity, Dillon began beating and banging on Harvick.  Dillon then got into Harvick’s left rear quarter panel, spun Harvick out, also taking himself (Dillon) out, as well.

After the yellow flag was waived for this wreck, both Harvick and Dillon got moving again, continued their disagreement down the back stretch, ramming and banging on each other. Harvick then pulled into the pits, and blocked Dillon’s put box.  Dillon’s pit crew retaliated by throwing a large sledge hammer at Harvick’s truck, and going for his truck.  At that point Harvick drove his crashed truck back to the garage.

After Harvick delivered his mangled truck to the garage, FOX Sports1 interviews Harvick, who expressed his displeasure with Ty Dillon. Harvick stated, (and I will paraphrase) that is exactly the reason why he is leaving RCR.   These two rich kids (Childress’ grandson, Ty and Austin Dillon) have had everything handed to them!  Harvick was very irate, and let it all out on TV.

While the two were running into each other on their way back to pit road, over the radio Richard Childress tells Ty Dillon: “Turn his ass upside down. Don’t take no sh–.”

When interviewing Ty Dillon after the race, Dillon had less than kind words for Harvick, as well.  In fact, Dillon called Harvick out!  Dillon stated that he thought that Harvick was a punk, and that Harvick was not man enough to stick around and talk about the wreck!

It sounds as though, even prior to this incident, that Richard Childress and Kevin Harvick are not exactly on each other’s 2013 Christmas list! This Ty Dillon-Kevin Harvick crash may be the straw that breaks the RCR Camel’s back!

It would also appear that both Harvick and Childress will have to put on the “Big Boy Panties”, keep their outward hostilities towards each other in check, act like professionals, and get focused on winning races, if either individual thinks that they have an outside chance of catching either Jimmie Johnson or Matt Kenseth!

To have a war of words over the TV airwaves with your boss’s grandson, is not going to make the remaining four races run very smoothly between Childress and Harvick.

It will be very interesting to see if NASCAR levies fines on either, or both, drivers come Tuesday.  Even though neither drove the other into the fence, there is really no difference in what Kyle Busch did to Hornaday at Texas two years ago, nor what Hornaday did to Darrell Wallace, Jr. earlier this season.  Both received some financial sanctions from NASCAR.


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