Kyle Wins The Truck Race At Dover

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Once again ol Kylie Busch wheeled his KBM #18 Traxxas Tundra into Victory Lane in the Lucas Oil 200 at Dover.  The victory was the 96th NASCAR series career win for Busch.  Additionally, Busch was the first repeat winner at Dover in the Camping World Series in twelve years.

Busch got the victory when Nelson Piquet Jr. and Timothy Peters wrecked on the final lap.

“It was really good,” Busch said of the race. “Obviously, we had a really fast Traxxas Tundra today.  The guys did a great job.  It st arted yesterday coming off the truck and making some adjustments to it and getting it to where we felt it would really run like it would last year because last year we were really good here, too.

“Eric (Phillips, crew chief) and Rick (Ren, general manager) did a great job at giving me a good setup underneath that thing and it was good.  Overall, the race went pretty well for us.  It wasn’t quite the walk in the park it seems.  This place is so difficult and challenging.  You feel like you’re always on edge.  You’re really unsure about how the next corner is going to be and what’s going to happen.”

This was ol Kylie’s third victory and fifth top ten finish of the 2011 Truck season.  Those statistics are really impressive for ol TLVW, (THE LAS VEGAS WEASEL), considering he has entered only five of the six races so far this year!  When ol Kylie shows up at the track in the KBM #18 Tundra, he is the man you got to beat in the Camping World Truck series.

What could have been billed as a possible main event at any Ultimate Fighting venue, the Kyle vs. Kevin hostilities took a back seat to the racing venue Friday night!  Both drivers kept their emotions and tempers in check for the 200 lap race.  However, Sunday could prove to be a very different story, with many more marbles on the line in the Sprint Cup race!

Here is the unofficial results from the Lucas Oil 200 at Dover.


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