Fantasy Picks: Jason’s Tips and Tricks


(photo courtesy Leon Hammack)

Here at WorkingOnMyRedenck (WOMR) there is a new weekly feature that will become a part of the regular schedule.  Each week there will be a feature written about the movers and shakers in our NASCAR Fantasy League.

This week there are two articles that will be posted.  The first article is an interview with Jason asking abut his technique of selecting winners, as well as few other timely questions.

1.  WOMR: What is you process for picking your segment drivers?

Jason: I have a couple of websites I go that have good data on NASCAR races. I look for the highest average placing of a drive for each track, the biggest average gained position by a driver at each track (biggest mover), what are the hot drivers in that last segment.

2.  WOMR: What sources do you use for that selection process?

Jason: If I told you I would have to Kill You!!! But for the right price I would show you a few resources 🙂

3.  WOMR: Are there any drivers that you refuse to select?  Why?

Jason: No because Fantasy is not about like or dislike but it is about strategy, fun and MONEY

4.  WOMR: Who is you favorite Cup Driver?  Why?

Jason: I have two at the moment. I like Ryan Newman because he has a Structural Engineering degree and seems very down to earth. I also like Joey Joey Logano because he is a rookie and I like underdogs.

5.  WOMR: Who is your least favorite Cup driver?  Why?

Jason: I would say Jimmy Johnson, because the guy wins so much. I never root for the guy that is the best… remember I like the underdog.

6. WOMR: Which race is your favorite race to watch?

Jason: Probably the Las Vegas, because I usually in the stands with my Dad and uncle and friends. Outside of that I like the small tracks with high banks.

7.  WOMR: Which race is the one that you most would like to attend in person?

Jason: Bristol or Daytona

8. WOMR: What or who got you interested in racing?  How long ago?

Jason: My Dad and Mom. I can’t remember how long ago but they both took me to racing early on in my childhood. Dad being the one that eat, breaths and sleeps NASCAR.He kept me updated with racing and now with helping my dad with this website I am more immersed into the Redneck culture.


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