Jimmy’s Fantasy Pick Techniques

2009 Daytona 500 072

(photo courtesy Leon Hammack)

1.  WOMR: What is you process for picking your segment drivers?

Jimmy: The process I use for picking my drivers for a segment is:  Where they are in the point standings.  Then it’s all luck in which driver you pick for each race.  You can pick the best car for that race, and then! and THEN!  Big wreck taking your driver OUT!  Example: I picked Jeff Gordon this past race at Texas, he was the fastest car all day, AND THEN! CRASH!

2.  WOMR: What sources do you use for that selection process?

Jimmy: The source that I use fro my picks are my records, and all the news that I can find about what the teams are doing, and of course the rumor mill!

3.  WOMR: Are there any drivers that you refuse to select?  Why?

Jimmy: Yes there are some drivers that I refuse to select!  The Start and Park crews never get a thought.  I stick real close to the Top 15 in points.

4.  WOMR: Who is you favorite Cup Driver?  Why?

Jimmy: My favorite driver is Carl Edwards, with Kylie and The Bif close.  They are Non-Whiners!

5.  WOMR: Who is your least favorite Cup driver?  Why?

Jimmy: My least favorite, easyone.  Mark, “king of the whiners” Martin and Jeff” blame everyone else” Gordon!  It’s a deadheat!

6.WOMR: Which race is your favorite race to watch?

Jimmy: Daytona

7.  WOMR: Which race is the one that you most would like to attend in person?

Jimmy: Of all the tracks I haven’t bee to, Charlotte Motor Speedway 600 (Coca Cola 600).

8. WOMR: What or who got you interested in racing?  How long ago?

Jimmy: Living in Tulare, Ca back in 1951, Saturday nights were loud with the sounds of race cars.  The race track in Tulare in 1951 was about a mile from our cousin’s house, and about 3 miles from our house.  You could hear those midgets with their Ford 60’s with the open headers for miles!  My Dad, my oldest brother, and my cousins attended our first in the early spring of 1951.  May of 1951 was also my first Indy 500 via the radio broadcast, from that point became an tradition in the Hammack household!  My youngest brother, Leon, listened to his first Indy 500 at the age of 3 1/2 months old!  We were all avid race fans from that year on!  My childhood race driver hero was Vukie and still is!  (Billy Vukovich was a very famous Indy race car driver from Fresno, CA!)


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