Youth Be Damned!


(photo by Leon Hammack)

Fall is in the air and the temperature in the Northeast is cooling down.  That is, all but the temperature at New Hampshire International Speedway!  Sunday the racing was BLISTERING HOT for one 50 year old driver of the #5 Hendrick Motorsports Kellogg’s/Carquest Chevy, named Mark Martin.

The Chase is on and the racing was hot, fast, and furious.  The 12 Chase contenders came out of the box smoking.  The racing throughout the 300 laps race was both hard and very clean, considering what is at stake at the end of this 10 race segment.

The sentimental “dark horse” just struck one for the old guys!  This one race does not the Chase make, but it is a start!  Remember last year, however, Greg Biffle started out the Chase with two victories only to peter out  in the end.

This race, the starting of the the crucial 10 race SPRINT to the Cup, is going to be laced with several sub-plots that, indeed, will hold our interests for the remainder of the next nine weeks!

Who will prevail at Homestead?  Will there be more “dark horse” winners?  Will history be made with a four-pete?  Will the oldest driver in NASCAR history win a championship?

What’s your take on The Chase to The Cup?


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