Let The Chase Begin!


Photo by Leon Hammack)

It is almost the beginning of fall in the Northeast when the leaves turn spectacular colors and the road become clogged and snakelike similar to a huge line of ants marching away with their “bounty”.  But this weekend the roads will be clogged with NASCAR fans heading to Louden,N.H, which marks the annual start of  The Chase to The Cup for the  NASCAR faithful!

The sacred 12 have been cast in stone for this annual affair.  But who will prevail at Homestead?  The question will take 10 weeks to answer with, most likely, a few twists and turns in the journey to The Cup.

It appears that the consensus “talking heads” , myself included, think that the front-runners for this year’s Championship are Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, and Tony Stewart.  Each one of these teams would bring their own flare if they were able to capture the 2009 Sprint Cup Championship.

For Jeff Gordon, it would complete his “drive for five” Championships.  Most likely his last great opportunity, in light of his chronic back problems.  Could Jimmie Johnson complete something that has never been done in the entire 60 years history of NASCAR, 4 championships in a row?  Tony Stewart could be the first owner/driver to win the Sprint Cup Championship since Alan Kulwicki did it in 1992.

There are three “dark horses” that could steal the show in this year’s Chase for The Cup.  The sentimental dark horse is  the 50 year old, Mark Martin.  Another dark horse for this year seems to be the former Formula One driver, JPM, Juan Pablo Montoya.  But the dark horse that just might have the best potential to upset the entire fleet is Brian Vickers.  That team has scored more points in the last 10 races than any other team.

Whom ever you think has the best chance, the one thing that is factual, the team must put together 10 good races.  There are no mulligans!  If you are going to win the championship, top 5’s are a must!  Recall that last year Jeff Gordon averaged a 5.2 finish throughout The Chase and ended up in second place!

Let the Chase begin!


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