The realm of rivalry
(photo from nascar.com)
Are these faces the faces of the new rivalries of NASCAR?
Wouldn’t you know it, Kyle Busch is caught up in another NASCAR mini soap opera!  Last year it was the Kyle Busch-Carl Edwards Show.  For a while those two were seemingly always battling for the same piece of real estate on the race track.  Now I am not a student of physics, but I am reasonably sure that it is a physical impossibility for two masses to occupy the very same piece of real estate at the same time.  However, those two were trying desperately to rewrite the science books!
Fast forward to the 2009 racing season, ol Kylie has invited another to the fracas, Brian Vickers.  After Saturday’s Nationwide race, in which Vickers and Busch dueled to the bitter end only to have been snookered by one Brad Keselowski for the win. So ol Kylie has gone on the offense with his tongue towards Brian Vickers and his ability to drive race  cars.
Two weeks ago, at The Glen, Kyle Busch (aka The Las Vegas Weasel, TLVW) lashed out at Marcos Ambrose after he put a classic “banzai” move on  TLVW at the “Bus Stop” chicane.  Ambrose was so clean, clever,and fast, that  TLVW said that he never even saw  Ambrose make his move!
So it appears that because Busch is not winning as easily and as often as he did in 2008, his penchant for attacking and whining is greatly enhanced!

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