JR Motorsports Moving To Cup?

The rumors are is heating up this time of year in the NASCAR garage area.  With the latest news that JR Motorsports driver Brad Keselowski had a meeting with Rick Hendrick concerning his future in Cup, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. said Friday that he is not opposed to moving JR Motorsports to the Cup level.  This is not the first time that Jr. has indicated that moving his race operations to the Cup level could happen.  Now that the Nationwide Series has been told that they, too, will start using a “COT” car in their series.  The new added costs could just be the deciding factor for the transition to Cup for JR Motorsports.

 That, in effect, might help out his driver, Brad Keselowski, fulfill his desires to move up to the big time.  JR Motorsports is a very logical and good fit for Keselowski, since all the puzzle pieces are already in place.  All Earnhardt,Jr. would have to do is replace Nationwide equipment with Cup equipment.  JR Motorsports is the most closely affiliated team to Hendrick Motorsports.  Once Dale, Jr. came over to drive for Rick Hendrick, they effectively merged both of their Nationwide operations into JR Motorsports at Dale,Jr.’s building.  One catch here is getting enough sponsorship dollars to cover the new expense of competing with “The Big Dogs” at ‘The Big Show”! 

It is rumored that Hendrick has indicated that Keselowski might get a ride with one of the Hendrick affiliated race teams.  Besides JR Motorsports, another affiliated Hendrick team is  Tony Stewart and the Stewart-Haas RacingStewart-Haas Racing gets all their chassis and motors from Hendrick Motorsports.  It is a foregone conclusion that Stewart-Haas  Racing is ready, willing, and capable for a third race team in 2010.   Could Hendrick lobby hard enough to get Stewart to offer Keselowski a a ride in a new third team?  That question is still to be answered.


Either JR Motorsports or Stewart-Haas Racing will fulfill Keselowski’s request to be with a competitive team that has the potential to be in position to win races at the Cup level.  It is now a proven fact that this talented driver can wheel a race car, witness his surprising Talladega victory.  Likewise these teams are very closely affiliated eith Hendrick Motorsports. 


Rick Hendrick has also indicated that because of General Motors decline in factory sponsorship money, he is going to have to accelerate his production of racing equipment  that could be available ot other race teams for a price!  Thus increasing his partnerships with other race teams.

What is your take on this subject?  Will Dale Earnhardt, Jr. bring his Jr Motorsports up to the Cup level next season?  Where will young gun, Brad Keselowski end up in 2010? 



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