Mayfield Suspension Lifted By Federal Judge

Jeremy Mayfield is topic No. 1 in the garages at Daytona this week.  (File photo by Todd Warshaw/Getty Images)

(photo by Todd Warshaw/Getty Images)


According to Kasey Kahne NASCAR  has changed its drug testing policy.  What started out at the beginning of the season as a 5-10 minute process, is now about a 40 minute  very detailed, carefully monitored procedure.  “When I went in (for the drug test) at the start of the year, it was go in, take your sample, sign your name and basically walk out”, Kanhe said.  “You watch them pour your “A” and “B” sample into different capsules, you sign your name and leave.  It was a 5-10 minute process.” 


“Now it’s every step, you have to initial every step through the whole process.  It takes about 40 minutes it seemed.  I think that it is just a process now that they’ve  (NASCAR) put into it.  There’s more into the process”, Kahne relayed.


NASCAR  suspended Jeremy Mayfield on May, claiming that  he had tested positive for methamphetamine.  Mayfield insistede that he never used the drug and disputed the accuracy of NASCAR’s test results.  If NASCAR decided that a more extensive test process is in order, that could be a positive for Mayfield in his ongoing legal battle.  Mayfield claims that  he is an innocent victim of a flawed test.  On Wednesday, a federal judge issued a temporary order lifting the indefinite suspension.


Some of the Cup drivers have voiced their opinions on this  issue.  Several  have said that Mayfield will always be “tainted” by this ordeal and that it will be impossible for him to compete in this sport.


What is your thoughts on the Mayfield indefinite suspension case?



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