AM Racing And Hailie Deegan Part Ways

Hailie Deegan

Hailie Deegan and AM Racing have parted ways after 17 races together in the Xfinity Series. Joey Logano drove the No. 15 Ford to a top-10 finish over the weekend at the Chicago Street Course.

“Beginning this season, I had a lot of excitement and hope in taking my next step in the NASCAR Xfinity Series,” Deegan said in a statement posted on Twitter. “It’s something I’ve been working towards for years and always dreamt about. I worked hard to prepare for this season after the ream pursued me to drive their car. Unfortunately, it has not turned out the way that I expected. There are always several reasons within a race team as to why things do or do not work, but sadly our goals no longer align. With that being said, myself and AM Racing will be parting ways.

“The only thing I am focused on is getting back to being competitive. That is all that matters to me. I’m working as quick as possible to find the best opportunities to get back to the track.”

The following are positions pro and con over the latest news story to come out of the NXS garage.


  1. Fresh Start for AM Racing:
  • AM Racing can bring in a new driver who might better align with their team dynamics and strategies.
  • It provides an opportunity to reset and potentially improve performance if Deegan’s results were not meeting expectations.
  1. Diverse Talent Pool:
  • AM Racing can scout and recruit from a wide range of available talent, possibly bringing in someone with a strong performance record or promising potential.
  1. Brand and Sponsorship Opportunities:
  • A new driver can attract different sponsors and fans, potentially bringing in more revenue and a new fan base.
  1. Team Dynamics:
  • A different driver might better fit the team’s culture and work more harmoniously with the existing crew, leading to better overall performance.


  1. Loss of Continuity:
  • Changing drivers can disrupt team chemistry and the development of the car, requiring time to adapt to a new driver’s style and feedback.
  1. Fan Base Impact:
  • Deegan has a significant following, and parting ways might lead to a loss of fans who supported the team because of her.
  1. Development Investment:
  • AM Racing has invested in Deegan’s development. Parting ways means losing the returns on this investment if she finds success elsewhere.
  1. Media and PR Challenges:
  • The departure might attract negative media attention, affecting the team’s public image.

Hailie Deegan’s Racing Options

  1. Joining Another NASCAR Team:
  • Deegan could join another team within the NASCAR series, leveraging her existing experience and fan base.
  1. Transition to ARCA or Truck Series:
  • Moving to a different series within NASCAR, like the ARCA Menards Series or the NASCAR Truck Series, could offer a fresh start and a new environment to develop her skills further.
  1. Exploring Other Racing Series:
  • Deegan might consider opportunities in other racing series such as IndyCar, IMSA, or even international series like DTM or Supercars.
  1. Endorsement and Media Ventures:
  • Given her popularity, Deegan could focus more on endorsements, media engagements, or even starting her own racing-related ventures.

Potential Replacement Drivers at AM Racing

  1. Young Talents from ARCA Series:
  • Promising drivers from the ARCA Menards Series who have shown potential could be prime candidates. Drivers like Taylor Gray could bring fresh energy to the team.
  1. Experienced NASCAR Drivers:
  • Veterans with proven track records in NASCAR, such as Matt Crafton or Johnny Sauter, could provide the experience and consistency needed for the team.
  1. Drivers from Development Programs:
  • Tapping into development programs from major manufacturers like Toyota Racing Development (TRD) or Ford Performance could bring in drivers.
  1. International Talent:
  • Exploring talent from international racing series could offer a unique edge. Drivers from series like Formula 2, DTM, or even rallycross might bring a different skill set to the team.

By weighing the pros and cons and exploring the various options available for both Deegan and AM Racing, the team can make informed decisions that best suit their future ambitions and performance goals.


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