Larson Makes Huge Error!

Kyle Larson

Chip Ganassi Racing driver Kyle Larson has been indefinitely suspended from NASCAR following his use of a racial slur on a live stream during an iRacing event Sunday night.

The behavioral penalty NASCAR issued Monday cited Sections 12.1 (General Procedures) and 12.8 (NASCAR Member Conduct Guidelines) of the official Rule Book. Larson must also attend sensitivity training as directed by NASCAR.

“NASCAR has made diversity and inclusion a priority and will not tolerate the type of language used by Kyle Larson during Sunday’s iRacing event,” a NASCAR statement read. “Our Member Conduct Guidelines are clear in this regard, and we will enforce these guidelines to maintain an inclusive environment for our entire industry and fan base.”

Earlier Monday, Chip Ganassi Racing officials said in a statement that Larson had been suspended without pay.

“We are extremely disappointed by what Kyle said last night during an iRacing Event,” a statement from Chip Ganassi Racing read. “The words that he chose to use are offensive and unacceptable. As of this moment we are suspending Kyle without pay while we work through this situation with all appropriate parties.”

Section 12.8.1.e in the NASCAR Rule Book states:

Member actions that could result in a fine and/or indefinite suspension, or termination:

Public statement and/or communication that criticizes, ridicules, or otherwise disparages another person based upon that person’s race, color, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, age, or handicapping condition.”

This may be a very huge hurdle for Larson, who is a Japanese American, to overcome. No doubt there are other consequences to navigate from Chip Ganassi Racing, as well as his group of sponsors that pay the racing bills each and every week.

Stay tuned for further possible castigations!


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