Furniture Row Racing Could Announce Their 2017 Plans This Week

Martin Truex, Jr.

Furniture Row Racing may be ready to announce their 2017 plans.  That announcement will likely be informing the media of their plans to add a second team for 2017!

Rumor and speculation have been running rampant in the garage.  Since changing manufacturers, aligning themselves with Toyota, and forming an alliance with Joe Gibbs Racing, there has been speculation as to who was going to be in the driver’s seat for the second team at Furniture Row Racing.  Joe Garone, General Manager of Furniture Row Racing, has hinted that FRR is close to revealing their plans for 2017, which will include announcing the formation of a second race team for the Denver, CO based Sprint Cup team.  He further stated that all the key pieces are just about to be put into place for FRR.

When asked if Erik Jones could be the possible driver selection for the second race team, Garone replied that Jones could be a great choice and a good fit!  However, he would neither confirm nor deny that Jones would be in the driver’s seat of the second FRR team.

Another interesting item that seems to be “leaking” out of the garage is that the new sponsor for that second race team may come from an already existing team sponsor!

Now thinking on this idea there can be only one sponsor that may fit that criteria.  Remember that Clint Bowyer is leaving HScott Racing at the end of this season and jumping into the Stewart-Haas Racing No. 14 ride that Smoke is in currently.  Clint Bowyer’s current major sponsor is 5Hr Energy Drink.  If you look at where Bowyer is going, to the SHR No.14, that race team is fully funded, or so it seems.

Therefore, it seems that with Bowyer going to a fully funded race team, that it frees up 5Hr Energy Drink to move to another race team.  With FRR adding a second race team next year, that could be a very good match for Erik Jones, 5Hr Energy Drink and Furniture Row Racing!


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