Let The Animosity Begin!

NASCAR chairman Brian France says listening to the consensus voice of the newly formed Race Team Alliance would be a “bad idea.”

France, in his first extensive interview on the RTA since the organization of major team owners was announced two weeks ago, told Sirius/XM’s Sirius Speedway show on Monday that NASCAR “didn’t think (the RTA) was necessary.”

The nine most powerful race teams in NASCAR announced July 7 they had formed an alliance with the stated purpose of cutting costs and pooling resources. But France said he had no intentions of dealing with the individual race teams as one organization.

“That would probably be the worst thing we could ever do -– to listen to one voice, even if it were a consensus voice,” he said. “Every decision we’ve ever made that’s important, the more input, the more people we heard from, the better the result. That will never change in the business model of NASCAR, because good ideas come from all over the place.”

But it seems NASCAR’s most influential team owners don’t feel that way, since they banded together to form the RTA and speak as one regarding many issues facing the sport. And while France acknowledged the RTA “may figure out some things we’re not aware of” in terms of reducing costs, he repeatedly said NASCAR would be “business as usual.”

That includes holding firm on the allocation of a mega $8.2 billion TV contract that kicks in next year – 25% of which goes to the race teams (65% goes to the tracks, which consists primarily of Bruton Smith and the France family, and 10% goes to NASCAR, read the France family). The RTA is said to want a bigger piece of the pie, but France said the current percentages were “set for historical reasons – because it’s the right allocation.”

And despite NASCAR only communicating with the RTA through its lawyers, France said officials will continue to reach out to individual teams for input – just as they have always done.

“We’re going to go down the road of dealing with all the team owners – not (just) the big ones, all of them – and that’s the best outcome we can get,” he said. “… The last thing we would want to do is not talk to everybody.”(usatoday.com)

It appears that Brian France, aka NASCAR, is in the process of entrenching, positioning, and posturing the sanctioning body behind their wall of attorneys in order to protect the absolute power, and safeguard the stockpile of money that has NASCAR has gathered over the past 60+ years!

Is “the NASCAR way of doing business” about to change?  Will the RTA have any influence into what changes may be coming to “the way NASCAR will do business” in the future?  Is the “income pie” about to be redistributed in the near future?

Stay tuned, sports fans!  This situation, NASCAR vs RTA, is only just beginning to unfold!


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