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Daytona from my seat

International Speedway Corporation already has decreased the capacity of its tracks by 17 percent from 2007-2012, cutting capacity from 1.1 million to 909,000. And it pledges more cuts. Daytona International Speedway, which once had 168,000 grandstand seats and currently seats 147,000, will seat a mere 101,000 (not including suites) by 2016.

ISC, whose stock is primarily controlled by the NASCAR-owning France family, told financial analysts last week that it plans to decrease capacity at several more racetracks. Other tracks cutting capacity points to at least a 25 percent reduction from 2007. Company officials said seats without views of pit road don’t deliver as good of an experience. Additionally, seats too far from many of the midway areas or the prerace activities don’t allow fans to take advantage of those amenities.

In order to create urgency and worry among ticket buyers, ISC will cut the number of seats available. They don’t want fans to wait on the weather. They want fans nervous that if they don’t buy early, at best they will end up disappointed with their seat, or at worst, out of luck because the race sold out. ISC’s answer is to decrease the number of seats. In some ways, that is an acknowledgment that fewer people attend live sporting events overallpurchasing habits of sports fans have changed and packed grandstands at facilities that can hold 125,000 will never again exist.(Sporting News)

The DAYTONA Rising project, which was officially approved by International Speedway Corporation on June 18, is designed to enhance the overall experience for the Speedway’s fans, marketing partners and the motorsports industry by creating a world-class facility with premium amenities.

The vision for the frontstretch redevelopment places an emphasis on enhancing the complete fan experience, beginning with five expanded and redesigned fan entrances, or injectors, along International Speedway Boulevard. Each injector will lead directly to a series of escalators and elevators that will transport fans to any of three different concourse levels, each featuring spacious and strategically-placed social “neighborhoods” along the nearly mile-long frontstretch.

A total of 11 neighborhoods, each measuring the size of a football field, will enable fans to meet and socialize during events without ever missing any on-track action, thanks to an open-sightline design throughout each concourse and dozens of added video screens in every neighborhood. The central neighborhood, dubbed the “World Center of Racing”, will celebrate the history of Daytona International Speedway and its many unforgettable moments throughout more than 50 years of racing.

Every seat in the Speedway frontstretch will be replaced with wider and more comfortable seating, with more restrooms and concession stands throughout the facility. At the conclusion of the redevelopment, Daytona International Speedway will be comprised of approximately 101,000 permanent seats with the potential to increase permanent seating to 125,000.(

It is about time that ISC cuts loose with some of their mega profits and put some of those funds back into a 54 year old facility.  Many of the seats along the front stretch are nothing more than those old metal folding chairs with the legs cut off, and welded to the steel substructure!  I hold seats in the most expensive section, The Sprint Cup Tower, and those seats in that section are exactly like I have just mentioned.  They are folding chairs with the legs cut off, and welded to the steel beams!  Not hardly worth the price that ISC charges at each Daytona 500!

Hopefully, when the redevelopment is completed, the speedway will become a show piece for the entire sports world to behold!


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