A Solution To Driver Hostilities!

Joey Logano

(WOMR file photo)

I have had all week to think about Tony Stewart’s feigned attempt at punching Joey Logano for blocking him during the last restart at Auto Club Speedway last Sunday.  First, I will reiterate that Smoke had absolutely no leg to stand on!  Remember the October Talladega race with 2o cars that Tony destroyed when he tried to block the two car tandem of Michael Waltrip and Casey Mears?  Likewise, Tony blocked Regan Smith at the same track a few years earlier!

I rest my case!

However, having made my point in the previous paragraph, I think that I have come up with a reasonable solution to resolve the driver hostilities that surface after races at the race tracks.

Here is my pitch!

There was a time when certain tracks, Bristol, Martinsville, Richmond, the real bullrings of NASCAR, would almost guarantee that some drivers would emerge from these facilities with bruised egos, crumpled race cars, and lost tempers.  However, lately there is an increase in driver’s loosing their tempers and wanting to open up “the ol can of whoop ass”!

I think that NASCAR could increase their fan base, and ticket sales, if the they would follow my suggestion!

After the celebration by the winning race team in the winner’s circle has concluded, the grounds keeper should bring out a 15 foot square UFC fighting cage, erecting at the start/finish line.  The track announcer then calls out the winning driver to the cage.  Once the winner is inside the cage, the announcement is made to all the remaining drivers that if anyone has a “beef” with this particular driver, please enter the cage and settle your differences.

Once all drivers have either opted in, or opted out of the invitation, and had the opportunity to “settle their differences” with this particular driver, move on to the second place driver.  The process will advance in the above fashion, from the number one finisher to the forty third finisher, until all drivers have addressed their particular issues!

This process of addressing the driver’s hostilities, in the aforementioned process, could be accomplished on the first Sunday of each month, throughout the race season!  This additional activity could be a real boon to NASCAR’s sagging ticket sales over the last few years.  The addition of cage fighting would also bolster the ticket value for all the fans who want to attend a NASCAR race! This could be a real win-win situation for all involved!

What are your thoughts?


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