Furniture Row Racing Changes?

Regan Smith

(WOMR file photo)

Denver, CO based Furniture Row Racing could be in the beginning phase of some gigantic changes for 2013.  There has been some garage rumblings that the owner of Furniture Row Racing, Barney Vissor, is interested in buying Roger Penske’s Dodge engine building facility. That alone is signaling where that company may be heading for 2013.

Furniture Row Racing is prepared to switch from Chevy to Dodge in 2013, if the manufacturer chooses to go in that direction. Furniture Row general manager Joe Garone said Sunday at Pocono Raceway that there have been initial talks with Dodge about making a switch, and adding a second team, potentially with 2004 Sprint Cup champion Kurt Busch.

“If Dodge comes to us and says here’s the right deal, we would do it,” Garone said. “They’re trying to figure out who they’re going to do it with and how they’re going to do it.”

Furniture Row currently gets its chassis from Richard Childress Racing and engines from Earnhardt Childress Racing. Everything else is built at the organization’s Denver shop. Garone said the organization intends to keep driver Regan Smith, who won at Darlington Raceway last year, beyond this season.

He said there have been talks with Busch about expanding, however, that would depend on finding a sponsor or a manufacturer willing to give financial help. Garone said he has not given Dodge a deadline for making a decision, but he’d like to know sooner than later. Garone said they are waiting on a decision from Dodge before completing a deal with Smith. “It’s our intention to bring him back,” Garone said. “With all this other stuff pending, you don’t make a commitment and find there is another avenue we should have taken.”

Not only is there a driver “silly season” going on, now that Penske has left the Dodge camp for Ford in 2013, there is an owner “silly season”, regarding manufacturers.  With the loss of Penske, the only Dodge race team in NASCAR, Dodge is scrambling to find a race team to bring onboard to represent Dodge in 2013!

Therefore, it is looking like Furniture Row Racing may just be a Dodge team in 2013. Additionally, given the appropriate sponsorship dollars, that organization could expand to two race teams, with the addition of the 2004 Sprint Cup champion, Kurt Busch, driving a second car!

I am not sure how KuBu would fit into this organization.  We all know that KuBu is a great race car driver. Notwithstanding his driving abilities, the one thing that has proven problematical in his rise to greatness is his attitude and his vocal chords!

Therefore, absent his bad attitude and his mouthiness, this could hold great possibilities! In other words, if you ripped out KuBu’s vocal chords, he could be a great champion, once again!


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