The First Weekend Of The Wild West Shootout


Late Model in the pits @ USA Raceway

(WOMR file photo)

The first two races of the  Wild West Shootout are in the record books. This was only the first two races of the Wild West Shootout.  The annual event hosts some of the best drivers throughout the USA, as well as Canada.  The Wild West Shootout races consist of six races spread out over a ten-day period.

Billy Moyer, Sr. and Tim Mc Creadie struck gold at the USA Raceway in Tucson, AZ.

Even though the beginning of the races were delayed for two hours, it didn’t dampen  the anticipation of the beginning of the winter race for all the devoted race fans.  On Saturday afternoon/evening, the Batesville, AR native, Billy Moyer, Sr. out-ran and out-drove the field of 24 late models to capture the A main in the first night of the annual Wild West Shootout in the warm southern Arizona sun.  Moyer manipulated his #21 Victory Circle chassis through the field like a warm knife going through a stick of butter!  Once again showing that he is sell not past his racing prime!

On Sunday afternoon, under threatening skies, it was the young gun of Watertown, NY native, T-Mac, better known as Tim Mc Creadie, who was able to power  through, and around ,his contemporaries to work his way to the lead in the final stages of the 30 lap A main.  By skillfully maneuvering his late-model into the lead, McCreadie was able to pocket a cool $5,000.00 for his Sunday afternoon work day!




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