Double Yellow Line Rules Need Refining


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My cyberspace buddy and fellow NASCAR blogger, Bruce Simmons wrote an article on his web site, about re-visiting the rules regarding the double yellow lines at Talladega and Daytona.

In the article, Bruce addresses the need for the double yellow line during the race, and WOMR concurs with the need for that requirement.  It is for the safety of the drivers, and quite possibly the safety of the fans, as well, to have an “out of bounds” area.

Like Bruce, here at WOMR, I believe that the double yellow line should not play a factor when the checkered flag is waving for the drivers as they exit turn four racing for the win. When the drivers can see the checkered flag waving, then all paved surfaces should be in play!  Sometimes the faster race car might be the race car in second place coming to the checkered flag, and car gets stuck, blocked, or otherwise prevented from making the pass for the win.  For this reason, therefore, all the paved surfaces should be fair game for the win!

“Have at it boys”!

The best argument for this idea occurred at a Talladega race just a couple of years ago when Tony Stewart and Regan Smith were racing for the win.  As they raced out of turn four heading to the tri-oval, and the checkered flag, Tony Stewart was leading the race.  Stewart was leading and blocking the faster car of Reagan Smith.  Ultimately, Stewart ran Smith down below the double yellow line.  Brave and unnerved, Reagan Smith stayed on the gas, cut below the double yellow line, and avoided being involved in a potential “big one”, like the “Blazingly Bad” Brad Keselowski/ “Cousin Carl” Edwards  devastating crash in the next Talladega race.

Smith crossed the start/finish line slightly ahead of Stewart in the lead, but definitely down below the double yellow line.  However, NASCAR penalized Smith for going below the double yellow line, therefore, giving the victory to Tony Stewart.  The questions regarding the double yellow line have stirred every since that race, and its place in racing for the win.

In the spirit of the new “Have at it Boys” mentality of NASCAR, it might be worth it for NASCAR to revisit the double yellow line ruling, and quite possibly, re-define its importance on the final lap of the race at both Daytona and Talladega.  When the drivers comes to the checkered flag, it is the view here at WOMR that the double yellow line should be invisible and let them use all paved surfaces to try to win the race!

What is your view on the double yellow lines rules?


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