The Chase Wish List


(photo courtesy Leon Hammack)

Now that The Chase is upon us, WOMR has put together a “Wish List”.

The top 5 drivers who have a legitimate shot at the championship:

1. Jimmie Johnson, nuff said!

2. Kyle Busch-“Testes Ad Mureum”! The Las Vegas Weasel, has an unharnessable win or spin, checkers or wreckers, win at all cost, attitude that will either put him on top of the championship podium, or in a private room at the hospital!  The former is most likely the results.

3. Denny Hamlin- bonus points!  No matter what they say, it is better to have the bonus points than not to have them!

4. Carl Edwards-momentum.  Edwards’ team has quietly been gathering up momentum over the last six races.

5. Kevin Harvick- consistency.  Harvick’s team has been very consistent over the first 26 races.

The top 5 drivers that I wished were in The Chase:

1. “Blazingly Bad” Brad Keselowski and his feuds would have been another exciting factor to add to The Chase!  The ratings would most likely have gone through the roof!

2. Jamie McMurray was the winner of the two biggest races of the season, this is like “Cinderella”!  He didn’t have a job at the end of the 2009 season and Ganassi takes him back into his fold and wins the Daytona 500 right out of the box!

3. Mark Martin is a story that totally fell apart after last seasons “magic”.

4. Ryan Newman and his “Army of One”!

5. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and “The Junior Nation”. The party just wouldn’t be a party without Junior!

Top five quotes from Richmond:

1. Tony Gibson, crew chief for Ryan Newman – “We had a solid sixth-to-eighth-place car tonight.”

Talk about aiming high!

2. Winner Denny Hamlin – “Kyle (Busch) put the pressure on us and he made a heck of a charge. Luckily for me it was a teammate because if it had been anyone else, he probably would have moved us.”

You think?

3. Clint Bowyer, who finally nailed his Chase berth – “It’s just go cat go from here.”

Think Bowyer likes Elvis too much?

4. Jeff Burton, who is in the Chase, was asked what his goals were the final 10 races – “Ah, finish the best we can.”

Shoot the questioner!

5. Tony Stewart, when asked, well, the answer comes up whenever drivers are asked anything about anything  – “Really proud of our guys and everybody at Office Depot and Old Spice. Burger King, Coca Cola, Mac Tools, Haas Automation, US Army, Tornados, Chevrolet, everybody who has been part of this program the last two years and helped us build this and put us in a position where we can be in the Chase two years.”

Hmmm, wonder why fans are having more and more trouble relating to racecar drivers? And what about mom and apple pie?  There is just too much “Smoke” here, Smoke!

What is your wish list?


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