Sponsor Changes Coming


(photo courtesy Leon Hammack)

It appears that Richard Childress Racing is about to announce a new sponsor for the #29 Chevy driven by Kevin Harvick.  All signs point to an announcement that Budweiser will be moving over to the #29 team for 2011.  That announcement could come as early as the weekend races at Watkins Glen, NY, on the weekend of August, 8th.

If that announcement comes to fruition, the ramifications for Richard Petty Motorsports could be severe.  A.J. Almendinger has been talking to several teams, including Penske Racing about 2011.  If he were to take his sponsor, Best Buys, and depart RPM, that would leave Stanley Tools as the only sponsor still under contract to RPM for 2011!

Another RPM driver, Paul Menard, has beating the bushes as well.  There is speculation that Menard could well leave, take his Daddy’s sponsorship money (Menard’s), and become the fourth team at Richard Childress Racing!

It  would appear that Menard’s move hinges upon what Almendinger does  for the 2011 season.  If “The Dinger” stays with RPM, Menard would most likely remain at RPM, as well.

However, if both of these drivers leave Richard Petty Motorsports, that could have devastating  ramifications in the garage area. RPM could possibly go under if both of these drivers and sponsors jump overboard and move on to other race teams!  That would effectively remove Richard Petty’s presence from the NASCAR garage area, and that would be totally sad to see!

What is your thoughts on the possible switches to come?


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