Danica Bows Out Of NASCAR At Iowa

(photo courtesy IndyCar series)

A very interesting news tid-bit gleaned from both my cyberspace buddy over at brusimm.com and the gazzetteonline, Danica Patrick has decided to not race in the US Cellular 250 on July 31 at the Iowa Speedway.

However, she will be entering into the Nationwide race, The New England 250,  at Louden,N.H. this weekend.  The following week Danica will return to the IndyCar series in Watkins Glen on the July 4th weekend.

“I’m doing so much more driving than anything else which is a definite shift in the schedule,” Patrick said at a news conference Saturday morning. “It’s fun. It’s hard, though. You’re always on the spot. You’re always trying to be faster and faster and up against the clock but it makes you a better driver. It’s helping me to be able to adapt in more situations and I think it can only make you a better driver.”

Is this just the beginning for Danica?  Is she finding out that it is very difficult to bounce between two very different disciplines of auto racing?  Did Danica decide to focus more on the IndyCar racing?  Is racing the big “Dump Trucks” more than she bargained for?  Is there more there than meets the eye?  Or is it just as we see it, a choice not to race there at the Iowa Speedway?

This piece of racing news may give the “talking heads” something more to write about!


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