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Noah Gragson

As the 2024 NASCAR season progresses, rumors and speculation surround Stewart-Haas Racing (SHR), one of the sport’s most prominent teams. Industry insiders suggest that SHR may be considering selling one or more of its charters and possibly leasing or selling its buildings. This potential shift in the NASCAR landscape has generated significant interest, with various prospective leasers and buyers being evaluated for their fit and potential impact on the sport.

Stewart-Haas Racing: A Brief Overview

Stewart-Haas Racing, co-owned by NASCAR legend Tony Stewart and businessman Gene Haas, has been a formidable presence in NASCAR since its inception in 2009. The team has achieved significant success, including:

  • NASCAR Cup Series Championships: 2 (Tony Stewart in 2011, Kevin Harvick in 2014)
  • Race Wins: Over 70 wins in the NASCAR Cup Series
  • Top Drivers: Tony Stewart, Kevin Harvick, Kurt Busch, and Clint Bowyer

Despite its successes, SHR faces challenges that may lead to strategic restructuring, including selling or leasing some of its assets.

Potential Sale of Charters

NASCAR charters are valuable assets that guarantee a team’s entry into every race, providing stability and revenue opportunities. The sale of one or more SHR charters could attract various interested parties:

1. 23XI Racing

  • Background: Co-owned by NBA legend Michael Jordan and NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin, 23XI Racing is a relatively new but ambitious team.
  • Potential Interest: Acquiring an SHR charter could facilitate the team’s expansion plans, providing more opportunities for race participation and sponsorship deals.

2. Trackhouse Racing Team

  • Background: Owned by former driver Justin Marks and entertainer Pitbull, Trackhouse has quickly become a competitive force.
  • Potential Interest: With plans for growth, an additional charter would strengthen Trackhouse’s presence in the Cup Series and enhance its competitive edge.

3. Kaulig Racing

  • Background: Known for its success in the Xfinity Series, Kaulig has steadily increased its involvement in the Cup Series.
  • Potential Interest: Securing an SHR charter would help Kaulig solidify its status as a full-time Cup Series competitor, aligning with its long-term strategic goals.

Leasing or Selling SHR Buildings

Stewart-Haas Racing’s facilities are state-of-the-art, offering advanced technological capabilities and strategic location benefits. Leasing or selling these buildings could attract a variety of racing organizations and other enterprises:

1. Richard Childress Racing (RCR)

  • Background: A stalwart of NASCAR, RCR is always looking to improve its operations and expand its capabilities.
  • Potential Interest: Acquiring SHR’s facilities would provide RCR with enhanced technological resources and logistical advantages.

2. Hendrick Motorsports

  • Background: One of NASCAR’s most successful teams, Hendrick Motorsports continuously seeks to innovate and grow.
  • Potential Interest: Adding SHR’s facilities could bolster Hendrick’s already formidable infrastructure, supporting its quest for continued dominance.

3. New Entrants to NASCAR

  • Background: As NASCAR’s popularity grows, new teams and investors look to enter the sport.
  • Potential Interest: SHR’s high-quality facilities would be an attractive option for new teams seeking a competitive start in the Cup Series.

Implications for NASCAR

The potential sale or lease of Stewart-Haas Racing’s charters and facilities could have several implications:

  • Increased Competition: New or expanding teams would gain competitive advantages, leading to a more dynamic and unpredictable race environment.
  • Financial Shifts: The infusion of funds from these transactions could provide SHR with resources to focus on other strategic initiatives or streamline operations.
  • Market Dynamics: The entry of new players or the expansion of existing teams could shift the balance of power within NASCAR, leading to exciting new rivalries and storylines.


The possibility of Stewart-Haas Racing selling one or more of its charters and leasing or selling its facilities represents a significant potential shift in the NASCAR landscape. With several prospective buyers and leasers showing interest, the outcome could bring about notable changes in team dynamics and competition. As the situation develops, fans and industry stakeholders will be closely watching how these potential transactions unfold and shape the future of NASCAR.


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