Kyle Larson’s Vegas Ride

Kyle Larson’s Sponsor for Las Vegas Tarlton and Son
Las Vegas bound
It just looks fast!

For the Kyle Larson fans who have, by now, grown accustomed to seeing Larson in the livery of rid white and blue when NASCAR rolls into “Sin City” next weekend Larson will adorn a livery that the NASCAR fans will find foreign! However, for the dirt track fans on the West Coast, and in particular, sprint car eace fans up and down the Central Valley of California there will be a paint scheme that many will recognize immediately!

For the Las Vegas NASCAR weekend Larson will be strapped into a flat black and silver car sponsored by Tarlton and Son, aka Tom Tarlton and his son Tommy. The Tarlton’s are a very successful business operator, as well as longtime and very successful sprint car racers that have raced in NorCal from Chico, south through San Jose, Fresno, Tulare, and Hanford, CA down into SoCal, including Perris Auto Speedway.


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