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Austin Dillon and the No. 3 Dow MobilityScience Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course… Although this weekend marks the first time that NASCAR will compete on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course configuration, Austin Dillon has competed at the Brickyard’s traditional oval configuration eight previous times in the NASCAR Cup Series, earning a best finish of ninth in 2016. He also has four NASCAR Xfinity Series starts at IMS, with a best finish of fifth in 2012. Dillon grew up attending races at the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway track with his grandfather, car owner Richard Childress. Dillon recalls riding in the pace car as a young child and participated in Victory Lane festivities with Paul Menard in 2011 and Kevin Harvick in 2003 when they won the prestigious race under the RCR banner.

Double Duty… Dillon, the 2013 NASCAR Xfinity Series Champion, is scheduled to compete in Saturday’s NASCAR Xfinity Series race on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course. The race is live on NBCSN at 4 p.m. ET on Saturday, August 14.

Dow brings a science and engineering crew who is driven by limitless curiosity to the RCR Team… Dillon and the RCR team are again supported by Dow’s materials science expertise and technologies this season. Backed by the power of data analysis and virtual modeling, Dow develops and manufactures high-performance components and materials custom-made for the No. 3 car. Dow and RCR’s partnership has expedited innovation and shortened testing time in the automotive industry by recreating in the lab one of the most extreme environments – the racetrack. After eight years of collaboration, Dow scientists and RCR engineers are continuing to work together to make the No. 3 car faster, safer and more precise. Stay up to date with Dow’s exciting developments at and follow us on Twitter @DowSports & @DowNewsroom.

Welcome, Dow MobilityScienceTM… Dow’s MobilityScience™ platform is designed to enhance the customer experience by tailoring technologies, products, and services from across Dow businesses to the transportation industry. The platform is pursuing accelerated growth by addressing Mobility mega-trends – where lighter weight, longer range, greater comfort, enhanced safety, and lower carbon footprint are the ultimate objectives. That is where Dow science, innovation, and people step in – working closely with customers to create the materials that bring the possibilities to life.

Does your mindset change going into this race given the points situation you are in?
“You just have to be aggressive. Points-wise, we’re just racing Tyler, really. But the problem is that it seems like anybody can win right now, so we’ve got to really focus on the rest of the field from that aspect so that the RCR Chevys aren’t put in a worse situation. When it comes down to it, we’ll race each other hard, but we would like to get a win. That’s the big opportunity for us. And I do think we can win. We’ve had moments throughout the season where we’ve been really fast. Things have to line up and we have to have a perfect day in order to get to Victory Lane. That means I have to do my job, the pit crew has to do their job and the strategy has to play out. In the SIM, I’ve been pretty good at the Indianapolis Road Course. It was a little surprising, actually, how the track came to me right away. I’d like to surprise some people at a road course.”

This year has been one of your most consistent to-date. What do you attribute that to?
“It’s a combination of well-built race cars, power from ECR, and our team returning from last year. Everyone is pretty much the same with the exception of a couple of different guys on the pit crew. We’ve been able to get better each week. We’re having a solid year with Chevrolet doing a really good job of building a good racecar.”

How nervous are you about making the NASCAR Playoffs? Does the fact that this is another road course make it even more nerve wracking?
“No, I’ve been pretty calm, really, about it. I know the situation I’m in. It’s unfortunate the amount of winners that we’ve had this year. I feel like we’d be well in a safe place right now, but we’re not. It’s just the situation we’re in and we’re racing our teammate. But I’m pretty confident after being on the SIM a couple of weeks at Indy. I usually don’t pick-up the road courses on the simulator very fast, but for some reason, Indy came to me pretty quick, which is good, I think, for what we’re going into. I think qualifying is the biggest thing on my mind right now for this coming weekend and getting a good qualifying position, because I know how important it is. It’s so hard to pass on all these road courses that get strung out, so starting position matters.”

“So, I’m putting a lot of focus into qualifying and trying to make sure that we start up front and give ourselves the best way to get points. We have a 15-point gap right now and if we can maintain or gain a little this weekend, I feel like the next two weeks are good tracks for us and we’ll be in a pretty decent situation going into Daytona, if it is a points game. Obviously, I’d like to lock ourselves in with a win and just don’t want any new winners. That would really put us out. So yeah, I’m in a pretty good, calm situation as far as my mental state. I’ve been working out and am ready to go race and see what it brings us. I think we have been very consistent this year. We just haven’t had the speed that we want at some of these tracks, but the road course stuff has been fun. It’s such an improvement for me that I’d love to go back to some of these road courses a second time with what I’ve learned this year.”

Of all of the road courses you’ve run this year, which one is most comparable to Indy?
“Wow, it’s so flat. We’ve got elevation change at every track that we’ve gone to. I’d say Daytona has a little less elevation change. So for me, I really don’t know because the asphalt at Indy is so different the way the grooves are cut in it and it’s using a lot of lateral grip there. Sonoma, I think braking force-wise, is probably going to be similar; the amount of brake force and stuff like that because it seems like the track falls off a little bit. So, I’m thinking maybe Sonoma and Daytona, in between there.”


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