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Within the last couple of days 23XI Racing, owned by Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin, put out their blueprint plans for their new state of the art NASCAR Cup shop. The blueprints looked like they are building a shop that resembles the main building at Joe Gibbs Racing. That should not be a great surprise, since Hamlin has often said that he would pattern ownership after what he knows at JGR.

Upon closely examining those blueprints it was quite noticeable, and eye catching, on what the blue print. plans illustrate. There are two key things that catches even the untrained architect’s eye.

When looking at the entrance to this building, it is noticed that the plans show four race cars out in the lobby on display, just like the entrance of JGR’s shop. I find that to either be quite telling, or coincidental. However, it seem to indicate where this band new team is focused on going in the relative short future, four race teams. Looking in another part of the floor plans there are four distinct offices that are labeled “crew chief”. A second reinforcement of where 23XI Racing intends to be pointed towards.

It may seem like I am making a mountain out of a mole hill, but in light of NASCAR moving to a new car for the 2022 season, it would be a good time to expand to four cars from the one car operation that they will be embarking on in 2021. Additionally, it appears that 23XI Racing will have the full support of TRD with an alliance initially coming from Joe Gibbs Racing. That would indicate that this organization is serious about their claim to be running competitively for a championship in the near future!

Another thought provoking tidbit! It appears that Denny Hamlin’s contract with Joe Gibbs Racing runs through the conclusion of 2021. I mention that because 2022 would be a good time for the fledgling team, 23XI Racing, to possibly expand to two race cars with minority owner Denny Hamlin chauffeuring a second team car, as the new generation car is introduced to the race track! After all, Jordan said that they were not going to just ride around the track and collect a paycheck! Rather, 23XI Racing is going to be competing for championships as soon as possible!

Granted this whole article is based on conjecture, but don’t be surprised if you see Hamlin leaving JGR when his contract expires. By moving to his operation in 2022, he would be the driving force in making that operation better, and aid in the expansion to a multiple car team much quicker!

I’m just sayin…….!


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  1. It will be interesting to see which possible 2nd seat Denny wants to use for this numberplate, No.11 would be a perfect fit to compliment the usual No.23 driven by Bubba and under the legendary oath of Michael Jordan. But it may be a completely different number that may not be 11 at least for the next few years until Denny retires? Hope my guess would be the No.99 even though Trackhouse is using it right now This new team is under lease with Spire & no doubt will have to find another once when that loaned charter will then belong to the Money team full-time once the merger with Spire comes true. Pays a good tribute to Carl Edwards & see that numberplate back on the front row again since 2014.

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