Separate Announcements Are Tied Together

Christopher Bell

Within a couple of days of each other there were two huge announcements that, on closer scrutiny, were obviously tied together.

Early in the week Leavine Family Racing announced that they were selling their assests at the end of this season and bailing out of NASCAR and leaving Christopher Bell unemployed. This announcement, LFR selling off all their assests, initiated some collateral damage at another race team.

In the aftermath of the LFR announcement Joe Gibbs Racing had an announcement of their own to put out to the public. They, JGR, have announced that they are letting their young gun, Erik Jones, look for other employment after the season ends. Obviously this second announcement was a part and parcel of the LFR liquidating at the end of the 2020 season.

It is quite apparent that prior to the first announcement, LFR liquidating, that Toyota and Joe Gibbs were burning up the phone lines conferring on what to do about Christopher Bell, who is under contract with JGR. The end results was that JGR decided to let another of their young guns, Erik Jones, hit the streets. If you remember it was just two years ago that JGR had a big decision to make and decided to let Matt Kenseth hit the brick in favor of Erik Jones.

Well now that Jones is without a ride for 2021, it would appear that his name is now been thrown into the foray for the open Hendrick Motorsports No. 48 being vacated by Mr. Seven-Time, Jimmie Johnson.

Jones now could be the leading resume sitting on Rick Hendrick’s desk as of Aug. 6th.

Watch this space!


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