Where Will Todd Gilliland Land In 2020?

Todd Gilliland & David Gilliland

After Todd Gilliland won the truck race last week at Martinsville, there was a huge monkey ripped off of his back! Gilliland finally drove his Kyle Busch Motorsports truck into Victory Lane, hoisted the hardware, and celebrated with his entire crew. In a perfect world that would be enough to, most likely, secure your ride and job for 2020, right.

Well, NASCAR is not a perfect world.

Now if you add some animosity between the driver and the team owner via a comment that the driver made over the team radio after winning the race at Martinsville that sounds something like “someone tell Kyle Busch that he can stay in his f***ing motorhome!” The end results, even after the driver issues an apology, will almost never turn out good for the driver!

Fast forward a few days.

Corey LaJoie puts out a podcast that, many times, has some interesting tidbits of yet to be released racing news.

His latest podcast addresses something that could come to fruition. LaJoie threw out the idea that DGR-Crosely Racing could switch manufacturers. Currently, DGR-Crosely is been putting Toyotas on the track for both ARCA and the Truck Series. Although there was no mention as to what the new manufacturer might be, nevertheless, this could be newsworthy that DGR-Crosley may be aligning themselves up with Ford or Chevy in 2020!

Additionally, LaJoie mentioned that you might see Todd Gilliland with a new team, not Kyle Busch Motorsports in 2020. He seems to hint that Todd may well be sitting in a DGR-Crosley truck at Daytona in 2020. Don’t forget that the DGR in DGR-Crosley stand for David Gilliland Racing, Todd’s father.

We shall see, if over the next three weeks, KBM and Todd Gilliland part company, and if so, where will he land?


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