The KyBu-Bubba Battle Intensifies

Darrell Wallace, Jr.

On Lap 62 of Sunday’s GoBowling at The Glen, Bubba Wallace and Kyle Busch exited Turn 7 side-by-side, fighting for position.

Wallace steered to the right, banging doors with Busch’s No. 18 Toyota and forcing the car toward the wall that separates pit road from the racing surface. Busch turned his car back to the left and collided with Wallace’s No. 43 Ford.

Down the long fronstretch, the two cars continued to bounce off each other until Busch edged ahead near the approach to Turn 1. That’s when Wallace rammed Busch’s back bumper and turned the No. 18 Toyota, which slid across the curbing before Busch could right the car and continue.

Busch rallied to finish 11th. Wallace, who was 28th, said an earlier incident in the carousel triggered the animosity on the frontstretch.

“He just run me over,” Wallace said. “That’s exactly what happened. Two years in, or rookie stripe or what, I’m going to get my respect on the track, and I don’t care who does it. Some guys fail to think about the young guys, I guess, or with me.

“So I won’t put up with no (crap). So, I flat-out wrecked him back. I guess we’re even—we’ll see. That’s what happens when you get run over. You pay ‘em back. I won’t be like, ‘Oh, it’s Kyle Busch. He didn’t mean to.’”

Busch left without commenting on the incident, other than to say, “You saw what happened.”


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