Hinch Locks In The 32nd Indy Starting Position

James Hinchcliffe & Felix Rosenqvist

James Hinchcliffe 

No. 5 Arrow Schmidt Peterson Motorsports Honda
Indy, she likes a dramatic day, huh? It’s crazy how it played out. I’m obviously thrilled for the team and all our partners, Honda, Arrow, everybody. I know a year ago I was watching everybody else go out for fast nine, and we weren’t in the show and it sucks. I feel bad for those guys. We’ve got to get back to work tomorrow. We’ve had a really strong car in race trim, so I’m bummed that I wrecked that one but hopefully it all translates well to the new car and we we get back to group running. We’ve got a good rocket ship on our hands. 

“It was deja vu all over again. I told Sam [Schmidt] before we went out that we are going to try to not do this next year, try not to have it be so dramatic. Again i just can’t thank everyone at Arrow Schmidt Peterson Motorsports, Honda enough. It’s great that all the Hondas got in; that’s obviously a big plus for us as a group. So now it’s just whatever happened, happened and we have to put our eyes forward.”


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