Erik Jones Has No Regrets Defending His Position

Erik Jones

Though Clint Bowyer had a few choice words for Erik Jones after the race, Jones wasn’t about to surrender his position after the final restart, even if it meant blocking Bowyer’s run.

As it was, with his third-place run, Jones matched his best finish of the season, and he was unapologetic about blocking Bowyer to start the final lap.

“I think it was just racing,” Jones said. “We’re racing hard, and I think this (competition) package really kind of leads into a lot of blocking and a lot of protecting your position.

“And we’re taking the white flag. I’m not going to give up a lane and give up two, three, four spots if he would have gotten to the inside. Besides that, the DeWalt Camry was good. We had a car that could have won. We just got in the wrong spot at the end of the race, and we weren’t able to capitalize on it.”

Jones’ third-place performance followed a sixth on Monday at Dover.

“We’ll keep moving forward,” he said. “It’s been two good weeks. This was the best car we’ve had in a long time—since Texas (where Jones finished fourth on March 31)—and it’s nice to be up in contention and have that shot.”


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