Pitting Short With Jordan Anderson

Jordan Anderson

Recently I was able to sit down with NGOTS team owner and driver, Jordan
to discuss how his small operation is doing and how he has progressed since we last sat down to talk to him a few years ago. We last discussed NASCAR together in January, 2016.

Working On My Redneck: I have watched you for the last four or five years as you have progressed in the Truck series. You started out driving for Mike Harmon, then you drove for someone else for one season, now you have your own race team, Jordan Anderson Racing. Congrats on being your own boss! How big is your operation, how many trucks, and how many full time employees work for and with you?

Jordan Anderson: We have the five guys that are here at the track this weekend and we have seven trucks. We are still in the growing process. Several of our trucks are bodies and chassis that are not yet assembled. The time consuming and difficult thing is to get all the pieces and parts put together. We are still a young small team that is growing within our means. We are just doing things as we can. But is sure is exciting to see things are growing.

Working On My Redneck: I noticed that you have “moved on up” with a new hauler and tractor this year. It is quite a step up from the old days you driving a one ton dualie towing a trailer to all the races yourself.

Jordan Anderson: Yeah, things are moving along. I am thinking of getting my CDL so that I can still drive the rig to the races. It is definitely better now to fly the guys out to the races, we can get an extra day of work at the shop. It is just exciting to see how we have progressed from where we started!

WOMR: Jordan, what are your realistic goals for your team in 2019?

JA: First is to race within our means, to do the best that we can, and to take care of our equipment. What we are hoping to do is to build something that will be here for the next several years. We have a very young team, Most of them are under the age of 22 years old. We would like to get qualifying better, say top 15 or top ten. We need to just race smart, take care of our equipment, and to continue to build upon that idea. Wrecking equipment really puts us behind the eight ball.

WORM: When you get into a wreck and damage the truck, like what happened at Daytona, do your boys do all the work to get it repaired and straight again, or do you have to contract out that kind of frame and body work?

JA: Because we are such a small team, we have been able to get some help from GMS racing to get some body work done. Because these bodies are so aerodynamic and need to go to the wind tunnel, GMS helps us out. But all of the rest of that work we do ourselves.

WOMR: Let’s see you are the truck owner, the driver, the PR person, the sponsorship dude, how do you ever get anytime to sleep?

JA: I took a nap before qualifying! Whenever you can get some sleep or rest, then you just go for it.

WOMR: Are your days all consumed with gathering sponsorship, lining out the days work for your employees, etc?

JA: Yeah. There are a lot of different things going on. I try to keep the day to day operation going, I do the financial accounting of the team, paying the vendors, making sure what parts what we are buying, all the while staying within our budget. But really many of our employees multi-task and fill many different roles to make sure that things get done on time.

WOMR: I have noticed that you have kept Bommarito Auto Sales as your sponsor for a couple of years now. How is that working for you?

JA: Yeah, they do a lot with auto racing. He sponsors an Indy Car race, as well as the Truck race at Gateway. Our relationship goes back to 2016 and it is really cool to grow that relationship with him and his vendors. We are also tying in with some of those vendors and people that he does business with, so it is good to watch this all grow. Mr. Bommarito has been a good partner and mentor to me for the last two years. He has taught me how to run this race team, how to treat people right, and how to make sure that the employees have all the resources that they need to make the job right. Through his sponsorship we have added Lucas Oil, as well as other partners and organizations that allowed this team to grow.

WOMR: Jordan, you have been in this series now for about 5 years, who is your “go to guy”? Who is the one person that you really lean on for all the good advice?

JA: That would be be my dad. He is the guy that I look up to. He is an entrepreneur himself. He worked for the govt. for a few years and hated it. So he bounced around for a few years and got into real estate and has done well. My sister does PR work and we just all make it all happen.

WOMR: Do you have on your 2019 calendar any particular race that you have circled that you really want to do your best?

JA: I really have three races circled that I want to do well at. First of all, I have a love-hate relationship with Daytona. I love Daytona, but it sometimes hates me. Last year I found that I could finish the race going backwards at 180mph!

But, I really love racing at Michigan, Gateway and Pocono. These tracks are the places that we hope to really have our team shine at this year! (His sponsor, Bammarito Auto Sales, is the title sponsor for the IndyCar/Truck race weekend at Gateway.)

WOMR: Speaking of Pocono, just how tricky is the tunnel turn there?

JA: I just love Pocono. It combines a superspeedway, a mile and a half, a short track, and a road course all in one track! When you hit the bumps in the tunnel turn the truck wants to over-rotate, and if you aren’t careful, the backend will snap around and take you for a wild ride! It can be a handful.

WOMR: Is there a race track on the schedule that you would really just as soon bypass and not race on this year?

JA: (With a short pause). Not really. Every time we are a race track I love being there.

WOMR: I don’t believe that I have asked you this question before. Jordan, if you weren’t a race car driver what would you be doing to pay the bills?

JA: I would be an entrepreneur of some sorts. Whether it was a marketing company, or in real estate, or any number of things. I have always loved working with businesses, loved working with them to maximize their business. I would definitely own my own business in some fashion.W

With that last question it was time for Jordan to hop back into his hot rod for some more practice at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

As you can see, there is much more to Jordan Anderson than just a race car driver. This young 20-something truck owner, truck driver, PR dude, supervisor, company accountant, and the list goes on, is doing what it takes to make it work in the high dollar and high pressure of the “what-have-you-done-for-me-lately” NASCAR world! And as more than a casual observer of this high paced racing world, I can say that Jordan Anderson has the drive, the perseverance, and the knowledge to make it work. Right now he his the “little train that is trying”, but give him some more time and he may be one of the drivers that we all are taking about on a late Friday summer night as “the little train the did”!

PS: Jordan is just one heck of a nice guy, too!


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