A Caution Flag Threw Sato’s Strategy A Curveball

Takuma Sato
TAKUMA SATO, No. 30 Mi-Jack / Panasonic Dallara/Honda/Firestone:  

“It was a frustrating night to be honest. Yesterday we almost lost the first session due to the mechanical problem and virtually only got one practice session which put us behind. There was no qualifying, no data, and you have to guess the setup. Coming into today we had an opportunity with a three-stop strategy and we were looking good. We were one of the latest to pit and it was looking good but the last yellow, the only yellow basically, blew our strategy. We had an option to go for it like everyone else or try to save fuel and stretch the stint. We tried to stretch the stint but the car didn’t have enough pace for the fuel and that’s why we lost a position after the restart. We tried and the guys did a good job. Clearly, we need to find speed but it was a solid night.”


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