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Kasey Kahne
No. 95 Procore Camaro ZL1 Notes:

·       JOIN THE PROCORE CREW: Become a member of the No. 95 crew today at
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·       COME SEE KAHNE: Kahne will be out at the Chevrolet Display on Sunday morning at 11:15am ET for a Q&A session with fans and then he will also be appearing at 11:45am as the track’s The Bog hospitality area for a Q&A session at 11:45am ET.

·       KAHNE BY THE NUMBERS: In 14 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series career starts at Watkins Glen, Kasey Kahne has an average start of 19.2 and an average finish of 20.7.  He’s completed 1,244 of 1,264 (98.4 percent) career laps, and has led for three laps.

·       RACE INFO: The Go Bowling at The Glen at Watkins Glen International (2.45-mile road course) begins at 2:30 p.m. ET on Sunday, August 5th. The race will be broadcast live on NBC, Sirius XM Channel 90 and MRN Radio.



Kahne’s Career Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Stats at Watkins Glen:

Date                Event:                                                                  S          F         Laps           Status

08/15/04          SIRIUS Radio at the Glen                                   11        14         90/90          Running

08/14/05          SIRIUS Radio at the Glen                                   21        17         92/92          Running

08/13/06          AMD at the Glen                                                  2          22        90/90          Running

08/12/07          Centurion Boats at the Glen                                28        26        90/90          Running

08/10/08          Centurion Boats at the Glen                                7          14        90/90          Running

08/10/09          Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips at the Glen      12         17        90/90          Running

08/08/10          Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips at the Glen       36        17        90/90          Running

08/15/11          Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips at the Glen       18        26        92/92          Running

08/12/12          Finger Lakes 355 at the Glen                              20        13        90/90          Running

08/11/13          Cheez-It 355 at the Glen                                     19        34        82/90          Running

08/10/14          Cheez-It 355 at the Glen                                     30        12        90/90          Running

08/09/15          Cheez-It 355 at the Glen                                     23        42        78/90          Running

08/07/16          Cheez-It 355 at the Glen                                     23        20        90/90          Running

08/06/17          I Love New York 355 at the Glen                        19        16        90/90          Running


Kahne’s Career Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Stats at Watkins Glen:

                        Races     Wins     Top 5s    Top 10s       Poles

Cumulative        14           0             0               0                0



Kahne’s 2018 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Season Stats:

Starts         Wins        Top-5’s     Top-10’s         Poles        Laps Led            Avg. Start       Avg. Finish

21                0                 1                 1                    0                  30                      26.5                 23.1



Kahne’s Career Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Stats:

Starts         Wins        Top-5’s     Top-10’s         Poles        Laps Led            Avg. Start       Avg. Finish

525               18               93              176                 27              4,678                   14.5                17.7



From the Driver’s Seat:

Kasey Kahne: “I think brakes are really important at The Glen because there’s a lot of braking there throughout a race, and even a qualifying lap.  Having your brakes right where the pedal doesn’t go soft and go away as they get hot, things like that are really important there.  The corners can be challenging there as well.  Up through Turns 1 and 2, along with the esses, as well as the carousel, there’s so many different corners to get the balance for all of those is not always easy, but I still feel that the brakes are the most difficult part of racing at The Glen.  I actually like that entire course because it’s a lot of fun to drive.  Getting into Turn 1, when you’re getting into it and you’re heading downhill, the car always feels pretty light, so you can brake pretty late there.  You can really save a good bit of fuel at a place like The Glen but still be able to be pretty aggressive in the corners and getting off the corners.  The strategies are always key there it seems like, which makes those races pretty entertaining to me when you see all the varying strategies and trying to understand where we’re at throughout the race.  The treacherous parts of The Glen are the higher speed sections as well as the bus stop and the carousel since a lot happens in those sections.  Traffic can be tough to pass on at The Glen, and I think in the first couple of laps when everyone is bunched together, that’s a really good time to be aggressive and get position on entry while also trying to clear them on exit.  You must be aggressive in those areas as well as restarts.  It’s just a tight track, so if there’s any contact or if you lose control of your car just a bit, you can get into a barrier pretty quickly and can cause big wrecks from there.”


From the Pit Box:

Jon Leonard: “I’m always excited to go to The Glen because in my opinion, it always has the best crowds and races of the year. Road courses are always exciting, and an opportunity for smaller teams like ours to win – more so than 1.5-mile tracks. We ran pretty well at Sonoma and we’ll be bringing that same car this weekend.  We also tested pretty well at the Roval test a few weeks ago. We’ll be taking a lot of what we learned at the Roval test with us to The Glen. Things will be a little different though from the Roval test since The Glen is a right-hand course instead of left, but the theories and setup concepts still apply – just reversed.  The focus of this weekend will probably be the esses up the hill and off of the carousel. Getting thru and off those corners allows you to set up passing zones into the bus stop and Turn 10. It’s hard to set up for every corner of a road course, but if you can nail down the important ones, and compromise on the others, you’ll have a decent day.  Strategy always comes into play at The Glen. Tires don’t have a huge fall-off there, and you can go longer on fuel (30-35 laps) than the first two stages (20 laps). Some guys will be playing the race for stage points, and some will be playing the race for the win.  You will definitely see a lot of track positions swap throughout the race. We’ll play the race by ear and see where we’re running before deciding on a clear strategy. Winning is our only way into the Playoffs, but points are also very important for us right now as well.”



No. 95 Procore Camaro ZL1 Team:

Driver: Kasey Kahne                         Crew Chief: Jonathon Leonard

Car Chief: Ben Leslie                        Spotter: Doug Campbell

Engineer: Ben Lynch                         Hauler Driver: Damon Lopez

Shock Specialist: Tim Lambert        Mechanic: James Melick

Mechanic: Matt Kimball                     Mechanic: Ryan Dextraze

Tire Specialist: Tony Ramierz          Jackman: Richie Williams

Fueler: Ryan Dextraze                       Rear Changer: Cory Baldwin

Front Changer: Weston Lovejoy       Front Carrier: Justin Kirby



About Procore Technologies:

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