RHR: I Felt Like I Was On Crutches At Mid-Ohio

Ryan Hunter-Reay

  • STARTED 3rd // FINISHED 7th
  • CHAMPIONSHIP: 5th (399 pts.)
  • OF NOTE: Scored his ninth top-10 of the 2018 season // Suffered a left-front tire issue early in the race, committing the 28 to an early pit and three-stop strategy // Slides to fifth in the points standings with four races remaining
“It wasn’t our day; it was kind of a mess. I felt like I was running around on crutches out there. We started out on the first set of sticker reds and had a left-front [tire] that was falling apart. I had a huge vibration so we had to pit early – there was no way around it – and that committed us to the strategy. Unfortunately, pitting early like that, then you just put yourself at risk for everybody to overcut you, continuing to run and we just got out of everybody’s way that way, unfortunately. I was just doing whatever I could to hold the floodgates back there at the end. I was on primary black tires racing everybody on sticky, alternate reds. I was doing whatever I could to keep it from coming around at the end. We definitely needed today to go better. It’s unfortunate it went this way today for the DHL, AutoNation and Butterball Turkey team. It’s a bummer. We started third and we thought we had a better shot at it today, but congrats to the No. 27 team and to Alex. He had a good run doing the ol’ two-stopper and it worked out. Everybody said that if it went green all day today, two stops wasn’t going to work, but he showed them.”


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