Michael McDowell Readies For Kentucky

Michael McDowell

McDowell on Daytona/Kentucky

“We are coming out of Daytona with mixed feelings. Obviously, we are disappointed with how the night ended, getting caught up in a crash. But I’m proud of how we ran. We had a really fast car, ran up front, led laps and earned stage points. We were a contender for the win up until that late accident. It was encouraging and a confidence boost even if it didn’t go our way in the end.

“Now we’ve got our Love’s Travel Stops/Roller Bites Ford back at another intermediate track, where we’ve also seen some improvement in our program. I spent a few days at Kentucky doing the wheel force test. It’s a fun racetrack. It’s still treacherous. The groove has not widened out. They’ve drug tires, they’ve done all those things, but it’s still very slick. It isn’t until you get about halfway through the race, you start to build the confidence to move around. You’re really walking on eggshells the first half of the weekend. We see a lot of cars spin out by themselves there or get up in the gray and get into the wall. You’ve got to be aggressive, but you can’t miss the line by six inches because you might make a mistake.”

McDowell Kentucky Stats
4 starts
Best finish: 23rd

Meet Michael
Saturday, July 14, Noon – Love’s Travel Stops (976 Hwy 1039, Sparta, KY)
Saturday, July 14, 4pm – Ford Performance Display (Kentucky Speedway Fan Zone)


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