McDowell: Dover Just Takes Your Breath Away

Michael McDowell & Jamie McMurray

McDowell on Dover

“It is intimidating. It’s one of the racetracks where, from a driver’s standpoint, your first lap on the track after you unload, it still takes your breath away. Not just that it’s so fast. You just drop into the holes, into the turns. It’s like a big Bristol. It’s super fast and high-commitment. The reason it’s the ‘Monster’ is that it eats cars. It’s very easy to get yourself in a mess there.

“The banking is so steep, when somebody wrecks, everything washes down to the bottom. Everybody winds up sliding into the same spot. We’ve had some really big wrecks there where you get half the field because there’s just nowhere to go. It’s so narrow. It can be a handful.

“We’ll have the Drive for Autism decal on our Dockside Logistics Ford this weekend. The track, Autism Delaware and Artie Kempner do a great job raising awareness and support for families affected by autism. I’ll be headed up there a little early on Thursday for the Drive for Autism golf event. It’s a little slower-paced day than at the racetrack, visiting with the kids and doing a little golfing. I’m looking forward to it.”

McDowell Dover Stats
14 starts, 2 top-20s
Best finish: 19th


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