Marco Had Many Challenges At ISM Raceway

Marco Andretti

  • STARTED 20th // FINISHED 12th
  • CHAMPIONSHIP: 10th (40 pts.)
  • OF NOTE: The Oberto Circle K team fought hard to move the 98 car up from 20th position to finish 12th.
Marco Andretti’s thoughts on the Phoenix race:

“Nice work to the Oberto Circle K crew for getting me in and out of the pits smoothly all night. We had a big day ahead of us from the start, starting 20th after a dropped skid in qualifying. Tonight, I think we were just down on COP all day. The number was just so low that we didn’t trust it – I think we were around 5% low off of what my teammates were running. We were just way behind on front wing all day and just kind of hanging on. I’m not thrilled to finish P12, but with what we were working with all day it was a decent result for us. We put the 98 to its limits tonight for sure.”

Andretti’s team can now take the lessons learned at Phoenix and move on to Long Beach.


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