David Ragan Is Ready For Texas

David Ragan

Ragan on Texas

“Texas used to be really worn out and bumpy, but now it’s super smooth and really fast through Turns 3 and 4. Turns 1 and 2, they took some banking out and made it a lot wider. They did a really nice job with the repave, and I think the Speedway Motorsports team has a really good plan for rubbering in the racetrack. I thought you could race side by side, and the groove widened out some. It’s going to take a few years for that track to really get back where it should be. But, they did a nice job repaving it. It definitely creates some new problems for the teams to figure out and try to get up to speed quicker.

“Our TheHouse.com team is looking forward to going to Texas. We’re back on a more regular schedule, qualifying on Friday, and that will give us the opportunity to really tune on our car on Saturday to get it ready to race on Sunday. We’ve got some team partners joining us from ModSpace and Schwarze Industries, so we want to have a good race with them at the track.”

Meet David
Sunday, Nov. 5, 10:15am – Ford Performance display (Texas Motor Speedway Fan Zone)


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