David Ragan Would Love To “Steal” A Victory At The Tricky Triangle

David Ragan

Ragan on Pocono

“They’ve really got a unique racetrack at Pocono, and they’ve embraced it with the ‘What Turn 4,’ and ‘Tricky Triangle’ and everything else they have going on. It’s fun to go back after we were just there a few weeks ago. It’s still fresh in our minds, and we know some things that we can improve on.

“It’s another opportunity to have some strategy involved because the track is so big and so unique, and you can usually pit without going a lap down. The stages make for an interesting race. And we’re starting to wind down the regular season before the playoffs start. So, if you can steal a win somehow, that can set you up for the playoffs. That would be huge for us and a big deal for our partners at Overton’s.

“We also have some other good friends on our No. 38 this week. ModSpace, which makes modular buildings and has been a partner of Front Row’s in the past, is back with us as an associate partner this weekend. And Schwarze Industries, which makes parking lot and street sweepers, is an associate on the car as well. It’s great to have all this support and we hope to have a good weekend for all involved.”


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